A New Day to Go By

So here we are. The first day of the year, where hopes and dreams are literally made and we live out the rest of the year praying any of them to actually happen. To be more productive? To be more active? To travel more? To read more? Each year we begin as we intend to... Continue Reading →

Life, Time & Tea…

Today was a rather strange day. I was at work thinking about my life, my kids...my age... Things felt a little off, to be honest. I wondered what is it that really that I want in life? What's holding me back from doing the things that I am most passionate about? Is it money? Is it lack of time? Is it fear? The fear of doing something unknown, of failing? I wondered about my age. I am 30 now, does this mean I really ought to take things more seriously? No playing about, no more, I thought. But then what? Where do I begin?

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